an idler's snippets

uyen. 21. asian. an almost idler, awkward minimalist, wanderer, day-dreamer and a follower of Christ. most of the time i am bored. so this is how i get inspiration, a so-called fresh collection of miscellaneous things, photography, fashion, products, designs, quotes and more.

Be a person of few words so when you talk, they listen, and give them words that they will remember. Be personable. Be passionate. Give a shit, and make someones day a little bit brighter and at night, give a girl the sky of stars… Make time for love and room for growth. Take-a-walk and stay adventurous. Keep your Bible open and your coffee full. Life gives you one try so go out and simply… Live.

—    Tate Haidle (via taking-a-walk)

(via acertainkindofwoman)